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On April 26,2015 I order a black medium gevinchy bag for $1,699.99 from beyond the rack on May 17 I received the bag , to my surprise the package arrived with out the dust bag the bag smell so bad the material not leather. But from some cheep Chinese material.

I did contact beyond the rack and am waiting on my refund. I will never ever purchased from beyond the rack again.

BUYERS BE WARE !!!! Please please please please please please don't buy from them they are a rip offffffffffffff stay away stay away stay away from this online store

Reason of review: Fake bag.

Monetary Loss: $1699.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I don't know this company, but a quick search of their business and website registration shows they are a Canadian company. Just glancing on their site at the brands I am familiar with, it does not look like fakes are being advertised.

Was the handbag shipped in a plastic bag?

Was it humid or hot/rainy when you received it? I am not familiar with the brand, but looking at your picture, it looks like pressed leather or vinyl. It is hard to tell. Anyway, the reason I asked if the purse was shipped in a plastic bag, and if it was humid or rainy when it was delivered, intense temperature can cause certain fabrics, ie leather (which is a dead animal skin), to sweat.

This can be very smelly. If the sweating is real bad, you will notice the water fade spots on the material. If this was the case, a simple airing out will take care of the smell.

You could also be smelling the dye used on the material. Some dyes are very aromatic.

Leather is not blue no matter what animal you get it from, btw. Neither is vinyl.

So, what I am trying to say is that just because the bag stinks does not make it fake. And a missing dust bag, assuming it was advertised with one, could be a simple oversight.


This bag looks bad, like really bad.


I wish I had researched prior to purchasing my bag from btr. I purchased the antigona in June of 2015.

My bag looks real. After reading, I'm concerned I paid 1700 for a fake. I would've paid the full amount to get a real bag. Very frustrated.

For those who knew they had a fake, how did you know. What was different?

I have looked at many reviews and mine looks genuine. (Hoping it is).


To be blunt, if you can not tell a real designer bag of your choice from a fake, you should not buy them at all.

Choose a designer, and educate yourself on their style. Don't depend on someone else to tell you something you should know yourself.

And don't believe everything people tell you either.

Unless they are a certified brand authenticator, ignore them.

I once had a woman tell me my Coach was fake. Like hello, I bought it from the Coach store.


I'm in the process of trying to get a refund for my Antigona from BTR. They are trying to provide me with an authentication card but I don't need one to know that mine is fake.

I put mine side by side the real one at the store and it is so obvious. I'm very frustrated...


The sad thing is BTR still insisted it is the real thing. They must think we the consumers are really ***.

Try contact Givenchy New York head office (646 453 4700) to let them know about BTR selling their fake handbags. Hope this help.


Can you tell me the difference between the bag you ordered from btr and the bag you looked at in the store? I ordered a bag from btr.

It looks very real, but I am only looking at online reviews. I don't have a store nearby that sells Givenchy.


Wow I found out I'm not the first nor the last. They still selling fake Givenchy Antigona bags.

I wished I had done the research.

Today BTR also selling fake Pandora Box Crossbody. This company should not allow to be in business.


I also bought a fake Givenchy Antigona bag from them! I got my money back, but it's very upsetting that they tried to pass that off as real. I feel bad for the customers who don't know better and get stuck with the $2000 fakes!